Bitcoin’s Energy Revolution Could Happen Sooner Than We Think

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Why Social Media Makes People Unhappy—And Simple Ways to Fix It

disrupted sleep, loer life satisfaction and poor self-esteem are just a few of the neg mental health consequences that researchers ‘ve linked to social media. somehow the same platforms that cannelp pplz feel + connected and knowledgeable also contribute to…

The very best Black Friday and Cyber Week deals on music and motion – a running list – CDM Create Digital Music

it’s the most on-sale time of the yr. you know the drill – but here are some select picks out of the flood, including some sales on tulz that happen 1-ly this week, both for ♫ creation and live visuals….

Designing for Mobile: Some Simple Guidelines

if you’re goin to design for mobile, you’re goin to nd'2 ponder the way that the device is used na specifics of the device itself. there are some general principles that cannelp designers for mobile get started but don’t forget…

Singer Brandi Carlile talks ambition, avoidance and finally finding her place

the grammy victor got her start as a kid, singing backup for an elvis impersonator. her memoir, broken horses, is bout her early life na family she’s built. originally broadcast in apr 2021. david bianculli, host: this is fresh air….

96 best Black Friday deals on TVs, laptops, and tech

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What Are the Colors of Hanukkah, and What Do They Mean?

hanukkah colors: the history and meaning behind the holidy colors skip to main content annuoka/getty images the tradition of hanukkah colors think bout christmas colors, and yr Ψ goes straite to red and green. halloeen colors are all bout orange…

Our Relationship To Money Helps Us Understand Bitcoin

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What’s making us happy: A guide to your weekend listening, viewing and reading

enlarge this image anjelica huston as morticia addams and raul julia as gomez addams in addams family vals. paramount pictures/cinematic collection/alamy stock photo hide caption toggle caption paramount pictures/cinematic collection/alamy stock photo this week, michelle obama gave us her sage…

15+ best early Black Friday smartphone deals: Save today on top iPhone and Android phones

show + (3 items) zdnet recommends i ‘dn’t blame you if you’ve held off on upgrading yr smartphone all these mnths. for one, it’s always helpful t'get a scope of wha’ every manufacturer has t'offer with their l8st handsets. and…